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BX852 Series Broadband Amplifier
BX851D and BX852D of BX800 Series Amplifiers
are designed to distribute modern digital terrestrial signal within the house entrance or house. The input filter in the UHF range provides effective reception of digital signals in the specified range. They have a built-in 12V power injector to connect antenna amplifiers. Model 852D has two inputs and allows reception from different directions.
IT-19C QAM signal analyzer
IT-19C QAM signal analyzer
was first presented at CSTB-2019 as an updated version of the popular IT-09C. The analyzer is designed for CATV signal maintenance.
URMA2000 Broad Amplifiers
Urma2000 Broad Amplifiers
is a new family of amplifiers with a high output signal level. They are designed to compensate for insertion loss in the distribution cable network with high channel loading.
SD1204 Series Broadband Amplifier
SD1204 Series Broadband Amplifier
is an up-to-date amplifier built on a modern component base. It has electronic slope and level adjustment.
MX900 Series Broadband Amplifier
MX900 model 901i2
is a universal up-to-date broadband amplifier. It is used to compensate for loss in CATV distribution networks.
TUZ19 Series Optical Receivers with Built-in DVB-C Analyzer
TUZ19 Optical Receiver
is an up-to-date optical receiver with internal microprocessor control. It is designed for CaTV FTTx structures.
IT-100 Multisystem TV Analyzer
IT-100 Multisystem TV Signal Analyzer
is designed for measuring parameters of cable, broadcasting, satellite, IP, digital and analog TV signals and also for monitoring TV picture and audio.

Coming soon

ITM-20C Remote Service TV Analyzer
is low cost device that measures DVB-C channel parameters. The measurement results are transmitted to remote PC via TCP/IP local area network.
The controllable couplers system
The controllable couplers system
is designed to build distribution networks with the ability of controlling subscriber access to the data.

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