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  • Low cost.
  • Setting field to select needed channel (frequency).
  • High setting accuracy ensured by synthesizer.
  • Test-signal built-in generator.
  • Input signal level adjustment.
  • Output level adjustment (series 200).
  • High output level — 1000 dBuV (series 200).
  • Doubleband modulation.
  • Small dimension and weight.

Modulators are intended for the video signal and audio signal transformation to the broadcast radiosignal. Usable with video cameras, “video eyes” as black & white such as color type.

Modulators allow to realize a frequency compression, i.e., transmitting signals from several video cameras over one radio frequency cable.

At this:

  • simplified cable network mounting: it is enough to mount one common radio frequency cable or use a presence CATV network instead of separate cable laying from each video camera;
  • simplified the task of transmitting signals over long distance (up to several kilometers).
Modification Frequency range, MHz
119, 25-175, 25
(S2-S8, 6c)
159, 25-239, 25
(S7, S8, 6-12c, S11, S12)
231,25-343, 25
351, 25-463, 25
471, 25-855, 25
Series 100, small case 1MT-101E 1MT-101 1MT-101K 1MT-101M 1MT-100
Series 100, operating voltage V 50 Hz MT-101E MT-101 MT-101K MT-101M MT-100
Series 200, small case 1MT-201E 1MT-201 1MT-201K 1MT-201M 1MT-200
Series 200, operating voltage V 50 Hz MT-201E MT-201 MT-201K MT-201M MT-200
Series 200+, operating voltage V 50 Hz, power supply for a video camera MT-201E+ MT-201+ MT-201K+ MT-201M+ MT-200+

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