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ITM-20C Remote Service TV Analyzer

ITM-20C Remote Service TV Analyzer

ITM-20С analyzer is designed for remote control of analog and digital СATV signal parameters. It should be placed in telecommunication nodes for continuous and automatic control of signal parameters



  • Level, C/N ratio measurements for channels with analog modulation
  • Level, MER & BER measurement for channel with digital modulation
  • Input RF and optical signal parameters measurements (optical receiver option)
  • Optical signal power measurements (optical receiver option)
  • Channel plan and single channel mode
  • Operating monitoring systems via ViewRSA software & SNMPv1 protocol
  • Security loop connection capability with the transmission of the reported violation into ViewRSA software and through SNMPv1 protocol
  • Firmware updating & device settings via WEB interface
  • Powered by an external DC source or via Ethernet network (PoE option)
  • DIN-rail mounting

ITM-20C schema 


ITM-20C analyzer is available in 4 modifications:
RF input

Optical input

Powered by an external DC source
Power over ethernet (PoE)




Operating frequency range, MHz
44 to 1006
Frequency resolution, kHz
Level measurement range, dBµV
30 to 90
Level measurement accuracy, dB
ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C, including DVB-C
Modulation type
QAM64, 128, 256 / ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C
Symbol rate, Msps
5 to 7
MER measurement range (DVB-C/QAM256), dB
28 to 40
MER measurement accuracy, dB
BER measurement range, dB
5.0x10-3 to 1.0x10-8
RF input (for ITM-20C-R, ITM-20C-R-POE)
RF input connector type
75 Ohm, F-female
Optical input (for ITM-20C-O, ITM-20C-O-POE)
Operating wavelength range, nm
1200 to 1600
Measurement optical power range, dBm
-9 to +3
Operating optical power range, dBm
-8 to +2
Power measurement accuracy, dB
± 0,5
Optical connector type SC/APC
Other parameters
Power supply voltage, V
  • from an external DC source voltage, V
  • by Ethernet (PoE), IEEE 802.3af (for ITM-20C-R-POE, ITM-20C-O-POE modification)
8 to 24
Power consumption, W, less than
Control interface
Ethernet, RJ45/100Base-TX
Dimensions, mm
Operating temperature range, 0С 0 to +50


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