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The remote control function of the IT-100 multisystem TV signal analyzer is added.

IT-100 and rack

In the latest update of the Analyzer's software (it100_build_180424.bs2 from 04/24/2018), it became possible to remotely control the Meter via VNC and FTP protocols. Remote control of measurement equipment is a traditional and very demanded function. It allows to access a device that is at any distance. In addition, remote control greatly extends the use of the Meter.

To remotely control, it is necessary to connect the Analyzer to an Ethernet network. Connection to the Ethernet network and configuration of the network parameters are described in detail in the operation manual in the section "Network parameters setting". You need to install any VNC client (UltraVNC, TightVNC, etc.) on a PC or a tablet, from which you intend to operate the Meter. Programs are free as a rule and can run on different devices and different operating systems.

Connection to the device requires no complicated configuration. Generally, you only need to enter the IP address of the Meter or its domain name.

A distinctive feature of controlling the device via the VNC protocol is ease of operation. It does not take even minimal time to learn the user interface.

While establishing a connection, the appearance of the device is displayed on the computer screen, and you work with it as if it would be in your hands.  The same information as on the screen of the real Analyzer is visible on the screen of the virtual Meter. The virtual Meter works the same as the real one.

Thanks to the remote control, the IT-100 TV signal analyzer acquires new capabilities. So, for example, if the IT-100 TV signal analyzer is installed on the headend, its measurements will always be available to the service personnel at any point where there is a connection to the network.

Another successful use can be the positioning of antennas, the connection to which in their installation place is impossible or difficult, since the feeder cable goes strait to the building. The analyzer is connected to the antenna inside the building and  measurement results are output to the tablet. The technician positions the antenna by monitoring the signal level measured by the IT-100 Analyzer on the tablet.

The image of the remote TV signal analyzer can be displayed on a large screen. This feature is widely used while training personnel how to work with the Meter.

Using remote control, it is convenient to compare the readings of several Analyzers located in different points of the cable network. Images of such Meters can be displayed on the screen of one computer.

Access to the Meter’s files with measurement results is performed via FTP protocol. To work with the files, it is necessary to install any of the FTP clients on the remote computer (for example, FileZilla, FireFTP or SmartFTP). Most programs are free.

Like VNC clients, FTP clients require no complicated configuration. Besides the IP address of the Meter or its domain name, it is usually required to enter a login and password, which are ignored by the IT-100 TV Signal Analyzer.

Working with files via FTP does not differ from working with any file manager. Files can be copied, deleted or renamed.

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