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Programmable RF-switch

HF commutator is intended for automatic commutation of broadcast signals from two outputs to one input. The commutation is made while lost:

  • a radio signal at specified frequency;
  • a signal modulation at specified frequency.

Type CR1
Insertion loss “Input 1”-“Output”, dB, or less 1
Insertion loss “Input 2”-“Output”, dB, or less 0.1
Switched-off channel insertion loss, dB, not less 57
Frequency range, MHz 48—862
Input level, dBuV 65—95
Setting step, MHz 1
Image carrier and sound carrier frequency difference, MHz 6.5
Video output level, V 1 / 75 Ohm
Audio output level, V 0.25 / 12 kOhm
Connector type:
“Input 1”, “Input 2” F
“Output” F
“Audio”, “Video” outputs RCA
Operating voltage 220 V (+10-15%) 50 Hz
Operating temperature range, °C 0…+50
Dimensions, mm 250x170x73
Weight, kg 1.16

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