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SG32 Headend

PLANAR-SG32 Headend
  • Easily modified modular design
  • Up to 16 modules in a compact chasse (19", 3U)
  • Modules type:
    • K01 RF → RF Converter Module is a frequency converter of digital (DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-C) and analog broadcast television signals with the ability to work in the adjacent channels
    • A/V → RF modulator M01 ... M04 module is vestigial sideband TV modulators (mono and stereo)
  • SG32 Headend is compatible with M01 ... M04 modules from the composition of the MT-500 multi-channel modulator
  • Automatic output level control of each channel
  • Control via Ethernet (10/100 Mbit)
  • Remote software update

SG32 Headend allows to organize the receiving of local broadcast television signals (digital and analog), to produce their frequency conversion, and also to form analog channels with satellite content. These operations give the opportunity to realize the required frequency plan, including the use of adjacent channels. SG32 Headend is controlled by using a PC connected via Ethernet interface 10/100 Mbit. SG32 Headend can be used as a part of a common CATV equipment monitoring system. Ethernet interface allows to control, to tune and to check the headend remotely, and support of HTTP network protocol makes it possible to work with the headend without using of any specialized software. In addition, the SG32 Headend supports TelNet, SNMP.

SG32 Headend consists of:

  • SG32 Base Unit
  • Plug-in modules:
  • SG32 Block of Coolers

SG32 Base Unit is a 19" 3U height chasse which includes: power supply units; an output amplifier unit; a cross-board with the CPU, the output combiner and slots for mounting modules. One SG32 Base Unit allows to use up to 16 modules. The installation of additional modules (in case free slots are available) can be performed by the customer.

SG32 Block of Coolers is designed to provide the thermal mode. The operation of the station without block of coolers is only permitted if:
1M + 2K ≤ 16
M - the amount of M01 ... M04 modules mounted in the SG32;;
K - the amount of K01 modules mounted in the SG32;

In all other cases, use of SG32 Block of Coolers is obligatory!

Frequency range
48 to 862 MHz
Output level, not less
96 dBuV
TAP Output level, not less
76 dBuV
Non-adjacent channel selectivity (for K01), not less
60 dB
Image-channel selectivity (for K01), not less
60 dB
Automatic gain control range (for K01), not less30 dB
Level of spurious frequencies, or less
-60 dBc
Remote control via Ethernet
Power Consumption, or less
100 W
* – в сборе с Блоком вентиляторов СГ32 и 16 модулями

K01 Frequency Converter of Digital (DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-C) and Analog Broadcasting Signals

K01 Digital Frequency Converter
  • Frequency conversion of one TV channel into another TV channel
  • Fourfold conversion technology
  • Ability to operate with adjacent channels by input and output
  • Ability to operate as a high selective channel amplifier (the output channel corresponds to the input by the frequency)
  • Ability to operate both with digital TV signals (DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-T2), and with analog ones
  • Four modes of signal receiving allow to configure the converter optimally, even for hard receiving conditions
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) allows to provide a stable output level when the input level changes
  • Built-in low-noise input amplifier, which can be used for receiving weak signals
  • Built-in input signal level measurer, which facilitates commissioning
  • Integrated self-diagnosis system
RF input
Frequency range
48 to 62 MHz
Tuning step*
250 kHz
Input level55 to 90 dBuV
Connector type
RF output
Frequency range
47 to 862 MHz
Tuning step*
250 kHz
Output level adjusting
-10 to 0 dB
Connector type
IF Bandwidth
8 MHz
* - Technical parameters of the converter are guaranteed when using the nominal values of the video carrier frequencies in the D/ K standard.

M01…M04 Vestigial Sideband TV Modulators Module

M0x Vestigial Sideband TV Modulators Module
  • Vestigial sideband modulation
  • Operation with A2 stereo audio signal (М03 and М04 modulators)
Modulator type
Modulator type
Audio signal type
Frequency range
48 to 470 MHz
470 to 862 MHz
Input signal level VIDEO
1.0 V / 75 Ohm
Input signal level AUDIO
0.37 V/ 10 kOhm
Video carrier frequency step
0.25 MHz
A/V ratio
16 dB
SNR, not less
58 dB
Level of spurious frequencies, or less
-60 dBc
TV standard
D/K (B/G optional)
Input level adjusting, not less
± 3 dB
Output level adjusting, not less
-10 to 0 dB


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