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  • Easily modified modular design
  • Programmable modules
  • Processing of both analog and digital signals
  • Nearest non-adjacent channels selectivity >60 dB
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) for each channel
  • AGC value 30 dB
  • Number of channels up to 20*
  • Computer control and diagnostics (optional)
  • Weak-signal reception mode
  • Signal level displaying for each channel
  • Output level control for each channel
  • Built-in level control for each input
  • Built-in injectors for antenna amplifiers feeding for each input
  • Software update at Planar website

NOTE.*)It is possible to increase the number of channels while using several chassises. The output signals from different chassises are combined by outer combiners.

Headend system SG3000 from PLANAR is used to amplify analog and digital signals and to convert analog signals. SG3000 feature conversion of the receiving channel signal to the intermediate frequency (930 MHz). This allows to make channel modules more compact and programmable. Using SAW-filters at the intermediate frequency ensures high selectivity. SG3000 is programmed by means of PS24 programmer.

It is possible to control and check SG3000 parameters from the computer via RS232 port (optional).SG3000 consists of the chassis and removable modules.

The chassis includes a power supply and a 20R output combiner. Other SG3000 elements can be used (plugged in) optionally depending on the channel plan.

PLANAR-SG3000 Headend can have the following plug-in modules:

1. Channel modules

1.1. Channel amplifiers (analog, digital)

1.2. Converters (analog)

Note! Converter modules consume more power than channel amplifier modules. So as not to overload the power supply and to maintain headend thermal control, use no more than 5 converter modules in the B20 chassis.

2. Input splitter modules

2.1. Input Amplifiers Sub-module (a part of each splitter/combiner; ordered separately)

3. Central Processor Module

This module controls headend programming and diagnosing processes. SG3000 can operate without central processor module (after programming). It allows to use one central processor module for several headend systems.

Block diagram of PLANAR-SS3000 Headend

Block diagram of PLANAR-SG3000 Headend

Frequency, MHz48—862
Number of channels united in one base blockup to 20
Number of inputsup to 20
Input tap modules attenuation level, dB10
Noise figure, dB, or less7
Input level range, dBuV70…100
Output level deviation at input level deviation in range 60—90 dBuV, dB, or less±1
Head-end output level, dBuV72—82
Test port output level, dBuV60—70
Max current per one auxiliary outputs, mA120
Permissible total current of auxiliary outputs, mA300
Environment condition:
temperature, °C0…+50
relative humidity at 25 °C, %up to 80
atmospheric pressure, kPa86…106
Dimensions, mm425x280x70
Weight, kg:3.9

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