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The controllable couplers system is designed to build distribution networks with the ability of controlling a subscriber access to the data

Matrix3 schematic


  • Control via Ethernet
  • Remote connect/disconnect of subscribers
  • Initial state recovery after power failure
  • User notification(warning) mode
  • One Ethernet line to control up to 100 couplers
  • Convenient couplers for 4 and 8 taps
  • Compact dimension of controllable couplers
  • Use of return path for proper system operation


  • Executive devices:
  • The couplers for 4 and 8 taps;

  • Controlling transponder:
  • Modem controlling couplers system + built-in remote power supply

  • Controlling PC placed in the operator’s room with special software

The controlling part of this system  is a computer with appropriate software. It displays  information about the state of TAPs and allows controlling them. Executive devices (couplers) are mounted in houses. The couplers system operates via modem installed in a suitable point of the network (e.g., after an optical node/receiver). The modem generates signals, transfers it to the couplers and then receives the status info. The modem can be controlled by SNMP v1.0, TelNet or web-browser via Ethernet.
The address of the coupler is it own serial number. It registers by modem and then transmitted to the control software.
The couplers are powered remotely. They are equipped with a remote current transit and non-votalite memory which helps to recover the state of TAPs in case of power failure.
The modem can be used for one house or for the group of houses. The trunk amplifier with return path and the trunk coupler with current transit are required for a scheme scaling.


The couplers are managed via SNMP v.1.0. Necessary the MIBs are provided by request. Any suitable software can be used for controlling the system.


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