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URMA2000 Series Broadband Amplifiers

Urma2000 is a new family of amplifiers with a high output level. They are designed to compensate for attenuation in the distribution cable network with high channel loading. The amplifiers have built-in electronic slope and level adjustments with the ability to control both locally and remotely. The high output level allows to reduce the amount of active equipment in the network which increases its reliability.

URMA2000 Wideband Amplifier

  • Electronic level and slope adjustment
  • High output level 114 dBμV
  • Interstage level and slope adjustments
  • A cable simulator
  • Plug-in modules for the output divider
  • Monitoring and control system remote access via Ethernet


Operating frequency range
47 to 1006 MHz
40±1 dB
±0,75 dB
Noise figure
≤ 6 dB
Maximum output level
  • slope 8 dB, 42 ch CENELEC, CSO/CTB < -60 dB
  • slope 0 dB, 80 ТВК, CSO/CTB < -60 dB

  • 114 dBμV
  • 112 dBμV
Number of inputs
Number of outputs
2 (plug-in module)
Gain adjustment
0 to 25 dB
Slope adjustment
0 to 20 dB
Interstage slope adjustment
0 to 15 dB
Interstage level adjustment
-6 / 0 (plug-in module)
RF connectors type
3/8" (F)
Return loss
-18 (40 MHz) + 1,5 dB/octave
Tap attenuation
30±1 dB
Cable simulator
0/-8 dB (plug-in module)
Power consumption (from mains)
≤ 20 W
Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD / Surge)
2 kV / 4 kV
Operating temperature range
-20 to +50 °С
230х150х110 mm
Power supply voltage
180 to 250 V
Protection class
1.6 kg



Built-in remote control allows transmitting amplifier parameters to operator via Ethernet.

Control interfaces
  • Remote control
  • Local control
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbit
  • Manually by pressing buttons
Supported network protocols
Telnet (remote control), SNMP (remote control), HТTP (remote control), TFTP (updating software), DHCP (client)


User interfaces and indication
Remote control
  • TelNet
  • Web-interface
  • Standard SNMP browser
Local control
Manually by using the buttons inside the receiver
  • Multi-function 3-digit indicator
  • Voltage status indicators


Checked amplifier parameters and control
Measured output RF level (42 ch. СENELEC)
80 to 120 dBμV
Temperature inside the amplifier housing -9 to 99 °С
Power supply voltage
U1, U2
AGC modes
  • off
  • by output signal
Security loop status
K1/K0 (open/closed)

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