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SD1204 Series Broadband Amplifier

SD1200 m. is up-to-date device built on modern component base. It has electronic slope and level adjustments. Built-in indicator allows to check the amplifier without disassembling and to simplify tuning of CATV network. A microcontroller provides AGC system for holding stable level of output signal.

SD1204 Series  Broadband Amplifier


  • High output level of 110 dBuV (flat)
  • Electronic slope and level adjustments
  • AGC system
  • Multifunctional indicator
  • Compact due-cast housing
  • UPS is available


Frequency range
48 to 1006 MHz
Gain, not less
40 dB
Flatness, not more
±0,75 dB
Noise figure
5 dB
Output level (CTB/CSO < -60 дБ, CENELEC, 42к) , not less
110 dBuV
Level adjustment
0 to 20 dB
Slope adjustment
0 to 20 dB
Return loss, not less
18 dB
TAP attenuation
20 dB
RF connectors type
Number of outputs
2 *
Mains voltage
~120 to 250 V
165 х 155 х 60 mm
1,5 kg
Note: * - provides by plag-in changeable module

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