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SD1200 Wideband Amplifier model 1203

SD1203 Wideband Amplifier is designed with the use of modern elemental base. It provides high output level of 112 dBuV and allowed to minimize the dimensions. The device is produced in compact due-cast housing which provides optimal temperature regime. The amplifier is designed for compensation of TV signal losses in distribution networks. It is suitable for distribution networks of large block of flats or a group of houses. The devise has F-type connectors (3/8”). Input slope and level adjustments and interstage step slope adjustment allow setting the needed parameters of output signal.

SD1200 Wideband Amplifier model 1203

  • Very high output level of 112 dBuV (42 ch, SENELEC)
  • Built-in input slope and level adjustments
  • Built-in interstage step slope adjustment
  • Low noise figure
  • New compact due-cast aluminum housing to provide the best temperature regime

Frequency Range
48 to 862 MHz
40 dB
± 0.75 dB
Max Output Level (IMAIII <-60 dB)
126 dBuV
Max Output Level (CTB/CSO< -60 dB, 42 к CENELEC)
  • flat
  • 8 dB slope

  • 112 dBuV
  • 115 dBuV
Noise Figure, less then
5 dB
Input Level Adjustment Range
0 to 20 dB
Input Slope Adjustment Range
0 to 18 dB
Step Interstage Slope Adjustment
0 / 4 / 8 dB (jumper)
Return Loss
18 dB (48 MHz) – 1.5 dB/octave
Relative Noise Intensity
70 dB
Main Voltage
~85 to 250 V
Protection Class according to IEC529
Temperature Range
-20 to +55°С
Connector Type
TAP Attenuation
20 dB
0,9 kg
160х150х60 mm


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