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PLANAR broadband amplifiers are designed to compensate television signal losses at the distribution network systems in the range up to 862 MHz in the forward direction, as well as to transmit intrasystem signals in the return direction in cable distribution networks.

The range of amplifiers produced allows building telecommunication networks of various sizes and configurations, from simple collective TV reception systems to extended interactive cable television systems.

Each amplifier series has its own features to optimally meet the requirements of any cable distribution network. Subscriber, house, multiband, subtrunk, trunk, return path amplifiers, special (according to the customer's specifications), this is an incomplete list of the produced range of amplifiers.

Amplifier production priorities are:

  • Reliability
  • Ease of connection and operation
  • Functional saturation
  • Ensuring the compliance and stability of the declared specifications
  • Maximum satisfaction of customer requirements

Our responsibilities include warranty and after-sales-service throughout the life of the amplifiers, providing the necessary documentation and related equipment (plug-in modules, modules, connectors, etc.)

We will be able to optimally select amplifying equipment for you according to the following criteria:

  • Range of the forward and return path operating frequencies (existing and planned)
  • Number of broadcast channels
  • Type of power supply used
  • Brand of used cable
  • Type and number of antennas (for multiband amplifiers)
  • Climatic and operating conditions and equipment installation locations
  • Required plug-in modules, etc.

The following types of amplifiers are currently produced:

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