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Remote power supply

Remote power supply BP-210 is intended for feeding of disribution amplifiers in cable TV networks, feed inserting into the connecting line and distribution splitter. The output to the outer injector is provided.

Selecting of the feed direction is made by setting of fuse bridges. Configuration input/output1/output2 is defined by setting of the corresponding module — SDM inserter.

Frequency range, MHz 5—862
Number of inputs 1
Number of outputs 2 (changeable module SDM)
Insertion loss with plug-in module SDM-000, dB, or less 1
Level deviation, dB ±0,5
Return loss, dB, or better 18
Nominal operating voltage, V/Hz ~220/50
Nominal output voltage, V ~60±3
Max current per one RF connector, A 2
Max current of all the connector, A 3,3
Hum modulation (at 2A), dB 65
Power consumption, W 250
Connector type “F”
Operating temperature -20…+50 °C
Protection degree IP50
Dimension, mm 230x160x110
Weight, kg 4
SDM Modules (output splitter) 04 08 12 16
Frequency range, MHz 5-862
Return loss, dB 18
Insertion loss (out 1), dB 4 2,5 2 1
Tap-off attenuation (out 2), dB 4 8,5 12 17,5
Isolation out 2-out 1, dB 20 20 25 25

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